September 17, 2015
The Atrium, Stockholm School of Economics

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The Fair

Welcome to the 10 year anniversary of Women’s Banking Day!

Women’s Banking Day is an event arranged by the Student Association at Stockholm School of Economics aimed to inspire talented and driven young women to believe in themselves strongly enough to dare to pursue a career within the Investment Banking Industry.

Ten years ago, the fair was hosted for the first time and has since then grown tremendously. The fantastic progress is to be celebrated with the tenth fair in order on September 17th 2015 at Stockholm School of Economics. The event will host approximately 20 Swedish and international banks, which will all come to encourage the close to 2000 visitors to enter the incredible world of banking.

The day will house more exalting events than ever before with stimulating lectures, workshops, mock interviews and personal networking events.

The prodigious fair will be summed up with a majestic banquet where students get the chance to interact and mingle with the bank representatives under less formal conditions.

Yours faithfully,

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